Discover delicious country terrine recipes to make at home

Making homemade terrine recipes is quick and easy! It's also an economical way of eating homemade recipes all year round, but especially during the festive season. For example, have you ever imagined serving a foie gras terrine?

An ancient delicacy, the terrine has been delighting the French for centuries: venison terrine, rabbit terrine, game terrine... they're all as delicious as each other! But these days, don't buy your country terrines: making your own terrine at home is so much more rewarding, isn't it? And generally speaking, home-made dishes are healthier and much less fatty! So you've got everything to gain.

Don't forget the mini terrine in the small Le Parfait jars. They'll be almost indispensable in the picnic basket when you're preparing your picnic. But it will also make a chic starter for your guests at a festive meal. Trust us: it's sure to make a big impact! Already have a favourite? Don't hesitate to change the recipe to surprise your taste buds: we bet you'll get it right first time! Want an original terrine recipe? Have a look at our Le Parfait terrine recipes.

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