Eat a balanced diet all year round with tinned vegetables

No, eating a balanced diet isn't complicated! Follow Le Parfait's advice: a basket of seasonal vegetables, a few jars and you're all set. So get out your favourite homemade preserving recipes and get ready to jar your vegetables for a delicious treat! It's so easy to make your own tinned vegetables.

Not only can you preserve the taste and flavour of your vegetables, but you can also eat vegetables that are in season... even out of season! So who can do better than vegetable jars? And putting your favourite vegetable recipe in a jar couldn't be easier! All you have to do to preserve them naturally is blanch the vegetables before putting them in the glass containers.

And to add flavour to your "natural" tinned vegetables, there's nothing to add. They'll be all the tastier and give you even more vitamins! So don't deprive yourself of the joy of enjoying chestnuts on the terrace in summer or artichoke hearts by the fireplace in winter! Would you like some advice on how to make your own homemade preserves? Le Parfait is here to help!

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