How to ensure good conservation of your jam jars

Whether you opt for a jam maker with a lid or a resealable jam jar with a paraffin disc and cling film, we provide you with the traditional method for making the best jams and jellies.

What's simpler than making jam? Simply take a jam maker with a lid or a jam pot, pour in a boiling fruit + sugar mixture. Be careful of the hot jar! Last steps, if you are using a jam maker with a lid, simply seal the jar, turn it upside down and leave to cool, this will sanitize the lid. If you use a jam pot, you will need to pour the food-grade paraffin over the preparation, following the supplier's instructions, and allow the paraffin to set. No need to sterilize the pot...

There you have it, your jam is ready to be enjoyed, now or later since the shelf life is more than a year. Don't forget to make a label, because after several months, you will probably no longer know what this or that jar contains without a jam label on it.

For an optimal conservation process, store your pots away from light in a dry and cool place. Once opened, you should keep your preparation in the refrigerator. Small stomachs or big eaters, know that Le Parfait jam pots and jam makers are available in several formats. Come and discover our range!

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