How to make jelly step by step

Here is our user guide for making fresh fruit jelly. If you follow our good advice step by step, you will be able to enjoy this delicious culinary preparation.

The different stages of making fruit jelly are the same as making jam. The only difference is that to make jelly, we only use fruit juice. And any fresh fruit will be delicious in jelly!

And nothing could be simpler to do: just prepare the fruit, extract the juice, weigh the fruit juice, and cook it with the same proportion of sugar (with sugar for jam). Remove the scum, check the cooking by carrying out the cold plate test (jam test) and fill the jam makers or jam pots. There you go, thanks to our good advice you have just made a jelly: congratulations! To make your jelly recipes a success, follow the steps of the Le Parfait recipes. It's this way !

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