Our user guide for your problems with jars, terrines and jam jars

Sterilizing a glass jar requires strict rules of use. So to avoid misuse and ensure succulent jars, terrines and homemade jams, follow the guide!

Although the steps differ depending on the foods used, respecting common rules is necessary to make safe jars, terrines and jams. First of all, it is about respecting some basic hygiene rules: washing your hands, cleaning glass jars well and working in a clean environment. Then, the most important rule concerns their closing system. The use of a specific utensil is in fact mandatory to guarantee an airtight seal: this is the jar seal or the cap. In any case, you will have to change them each time and use new Le Parfait seals and capsules. If used solely for storage, always use Le Parfait Super jars and terrines with a washer.

Ah, the opening indeed! How to open a glass jar? To open your canned goods with ease, we recommend that you use a washer puller which will guarantee easy and quick opening of jars and terrines. Finally, be careful not to weaken the glass: if your jar falls to the ground, do not use it! Likewise, never eat directly from the jar, because the contact of the metal of the cutlery on the glass can weaken the jar. Compliance with the rules of this user guide will ensure delicious jars, terrines and jams.

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