All you need to know about home-made terrines and other preserved fish

As you know, eating fish is good for your health! But fresh fish can only be kept for a few days. A home-made fish terrine, on the other hand, will keep for much longer. So what are you waiting for to turn your best recipes into delicious tinned fish?

When it comes to home-canning, you're wondering how to choose the right fish. It's very simple: most fish will make delicious home-canned terrines. Whether you prefer tuna preserves, sardine rillettes, seafood, fatty or less fatty fish, there's no problem: just buy them fresh, give free rein to your desires and follow the instructions in the Le Parfait recipes!

The technique for canning fish doesn't vary: it's the same as for other foods. However, you should be aware that fresh fish in a jar will quickly form small white crystals: don't worry, this is perfectly normal and you can't prevent this natural formation of mineral salts. They're perfectly edible and won't affect the taste of your fish recipes in any way. So bon appétit, matey: there's no doubt you'll enjoy the taste of the open sea!

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