It's possible to make a canned dessert: here are Le Parfait's "homemade" tips

No meal is complete without a good dessert recipe! And making a dessert is easy with Le Parfait and its "homemade" tips. So there's no need to spend hours in the ever-expanding dessert aisle just to buy ready-made desserts: these days, making a homemade dessert is an ode to good eating!

Are your favourite desserts getting more and more expensive? Tired of buying ready-made? Make them yourself! Not only is the financial gain undeniable, but homemade dessert recipes are also more natural and healthier, often with no added sugar. What's more, they can be stored for several months in your cupboards, rather than a few days in the fridge.

The possibilities are endless: a compote, a marble cake, a jam to go with fromage frais or yoghurt, an apple dessert or another fruit. Fruit in syrup can be eaten on its own or with a scoop of ice cream. You'll find all these possibilities in the recipes section. And how proud you are to be able to say: "I made it!

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