Learn all about preserving your jams in jars or pots

Preserving your jam in jars or jars guarantees that you'll have homemade jam recipes to hand, all year round. So get out your best labels and prepare your favourite jam recipes to enjoy whenever you like. You can also create your own labels using the Le Parfait design module.
As you may know, preserving food in sugar allows it to keep for months, with all its vitamins and creaminess. To make a perfect jar of jam, you can macerate the fruit with the sugar, cook the mixture and finally carry out the jam test or cold plate test (take a little jam from your cooking container and put a drop on a cold plate: if it runs slowly, the jam is cooked to perfection). Then put your mixture into jars and turn them upside down. There's no need to sterilise jam jars - the sugar preserves them.

Last but not least, stick a nice label on your jam jar to remind you of its flavour when you open it in several months' time. Orange jam, red fruit jam, orchard fruit... there are no constraints! So go ahead and make your favourite jam recipes, or try something new and more daring, like a mix of three fruits. As you'll see, having a small stock of jam jars saves an incredible amount of time when it comes to preparing breakfast!

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