Use glass jars to decorate your table or even your home.

Home decor and table decor can become unique, simply with a glass jar. Can't believe it? Then it's high time to give your magnificent jars a breath of fresh air and create some incredible decorations!

The good news is that thanks to Le Parfait, you no longer have to watch cookery shows to find good recipes to make at home. From now on, you won't even have to watch decorating shows! Have you ever thought of taking your jars out of the cupboard and using them to decorate your home or table? No ? Then fill your jars with whatever you like and let them dress up your home with a touch of fantasy. It's amazing what you can do with a jar!

In the middle of a floral display, for example, a pretty jar will make a tasteful vintage decoration. And don't forget the final touch that makes it all come together: the jam labels! Creating an authentic and surprising label will complete this bold decoration that will undoubtedly make your friends jealous. Click here to print Le Parfait label sheets. And with an ephemeral decoration as original as this, you'll even be able to score 10/10 at an almost perfect dinner party... almost Le Parfait!

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